Why Are We Waiting?
Unjust Deserts

Glass, Saharan sand, wooden dowels, MDF
W175 X D175 X H285

This project was all about sending out a message about humanity, but in such a way that people in our western culture could connect to the very different situation of Sahrawian life in the desert. The over-sized sand timer filled with sand from the desert near the camps in Tindouf, Southern Algeria, represents the 32 years of painful exile, and life on hold for the 200,000 Sahrawi’s deprived of their internationally recognised right to self-determination and their territory. Patience is running out for these most patient of people. How much longer can they be expected to wait?

This sand-timer was developed in conjunction with an exhibition, raising awareness for the situation of the Sahrawi people. The exhibition is set in a subtly surreal hybrid kitchen scene, which is telling all sorts of tales. The exhibition is contrasting our and their domestic realities, which have collided (see next page).